Aurelian Analysis for IDF Wellness Research

Phoenix has been performing IDF Wellness Research since 2018 and has been performing his own analysis since 2020. With six years of research, four years of analysis, and hundreds of research clients using Paracelsian Medicinal Theory as his preferred framework, Phoenix has developed a new approach for the 21st century which does not focus on diagnosis, treatment, disease, or illness.

Instead, the entire field of Aurelian Medicine Research is focused on a multi-dimensional approach of identifying root IDF imbalances and then balancing the imbalanced IDF’s. In his attempt to make this approach reproducible for others who want to join in the research, Phoenix has standardized an approach to IDF Analysis to identify the Macrocausations of IDF Wellness Imbalances. For the first time, this cutting edge information is made available to students of this course


  • Intro to the Seven Entia and Multi-Dimensional Anatomy
  • Ens Astrale - Detailing + Balancing Astronomological IDF's
  • Ens Naturale pt I - Detailing + Balancing IDF's of Nutritional IDF's
  • Ens Naturale pt II - Detailing + Balancing IDF's of Remaining IDF's
  • Ens Veneni - Detailing + Balancing Toxin IDF's in Cells, Tissues, etc
  • Ens Spirituale pt I - Detailing + Balancing Electromagnetic, Endocrine, and Nervous System IDF's
  • Ens Spirituale pt II - Detailing + Balancing IDF's of Entities and Spirits
  • Ens Dei - Detailing + Balancing IDF's pertaining to ones Conscience
  • Ens Magicae - Detailing + Balancing IDF's of Curses, Hexes, Jinxes, etc
  • Ens Geneticae - Detailing + Balancing Causal IDF's

Being a key component of Aurelian Medicine Research, this self paced online course teaches IDF Analysts to use an Aurelian Approach to performing IDF Analysis and Balancing Broadcasts for Multi-Dimensional Wellness. All participants will receive an Aurelian Medicine Research Protocol SE-5 Legacy Software .xml file to upload and use. The Aurelian Medicine Research Protocol has all Program Levels, Subprogram Levels, and Tuning Levels available for MacroAnalysis and Investigations. Students will learn not only the methods for identifying IDF Imbalances in the Multi-Dimensional Anatomy of an individual, but they will also learn how to balance those IDF's using IDF Balancing Broadcast Protocols!

Though it is not strictly necessary to have an SE-5 2000 in order to take this class, none of the information contained herein will be useful without having one. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that all students have an SE-5 2000 with Legacy Software. This course will only be using Legacy Software for all analysis {although, learning how to export sessions from Legacy Software and get the uploaded in Pro Software for IDF balancing purposes, will also be included in this course for those who are interested in learning this}.

This class will not be teaching a person how to use an SE-5 2000 (as that training is included with the SE-5 itself), but will instead focus on employing a standardized Aurelian Approach to IDF analysis to identify Entia of Imbalances.

If you are interested in this course but need to purchase an SE-5 2000 Gold instrument, please click here.

Your Instructor

Phoenix Aurelius
Phoenix Aurelius

Phoenix Aurelius has been a practitioner and instructor of the Alchemical Arts and Sciences since 2005. What causes him to stand out among many other practitioners and educators is that he is primarily self-educated and went about things just by following the Alchemical Axiom: Lege, Lege, Relege, Ora, et Labora. In English, this means "Read, Read, Reread, Pray, and Work." Phoenix is inspired greatly from early 21st Century Authors such as Bartlett, Cotnoir, Stavish, and others who wrote candidly in modern English. He started practicing using really humble kitchen equipment for more than 2 years. After devouring those works, he then went on to read the works of late 20th century authors such as Dubuis, Junius, and Albertus. After an unprecedented inheritance in 2010 of Alchemical and Hermetic writings and notes from students and staff from PRS, Phoenix took a considerable interest in the medical philosophies and actions of Paracelsus and has been reconstructing Spagyric Theory, Philosophy, Practice, and Pharmacopoeia for the 21st Century ever since.

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