Making the Most of Astral Currents: Using Astronomy and Astrology in the Spagyric Laboratory

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There are a multitude of traditions that exist which talk about using Astral Currents in the Laboratory for Spagyric and Alchemical Purposes. Having spent over a decade split-testing and researching the quantifiable differences of these various traditions, the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy has identified procedures that can be used to produce extraordinarily high quality extractions as well as how to infuse Astral Currents into things made in the laboratory.

This class will teach a person about:

  • The split tests and discoveries Phoenix has performed over the last 10 years
  • The clinical research trials Phoenix did with Astrological Wellness Research Program
  • The clinical trial results on Ens Astrale Wellness Research Program
  • The many years of using different Planting/Harvesting Calendars
  • Maria Thun Biodynamic Method
  • Astronomy vs Tropical Astrology vs Sidereal Astrology
  • True Sidereal Astrology and Astronomology
  • Alchemical Correspondence Tables + Doctrine of Correspondences
  • The Inherent Problems with the Alchemical Correspondence Tables + DoC’s
  • What IDF Data Suggests about the Ecliptic
  • Traditional Methods of DoC’s vs Aurelian Spagyric Investigations
  • Methods of Determining the Best Times To [Trans]plant, Harvest, Extract
  • Best Times for Performing Certain Laboratory Processes
  • Creating Ideal Elections + Making Products Capable of Eliminating Ens Astrale

Your Instructor

Phoenix Aurelius
Phoenix Aurelius

Phoenix Aurelius has been a practitioner and instructor of the Alchemical Arts and Sciences since 2005. What causes him to stand out among many other practitioners and educators is that he is primarily self-educated and went about things just by following the Alchemical Axiom: Lege, Lege, Relege, Ora, et Labora. In English, this means "Read, Read, Reread, Pray, and Work." Phoenix is inspired greatly from early 21st Century Authors such as Bartlett, Cotnoir, Stavish, and others who wrote candidly in modern English. He started practicing using really humble kitchen equipment for more than 2 years. After devouring those works, he then went on to read the works of late 20th century authors such as Dubuis, Junius, and Albertus. After an unprecedented inheritance in 2010 of Alchemical and Hermetic writings and notes from students and staff from PRS, Phoenix took a considerable interest in the medical philosophies and actions of Paracelsus and has been reconstructing Spagyric Theory, Philosophy, Practice, and Pharmacopoeia for the 21st Century ever since.

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