Practical Spagyria 1010: Fundamental Practices of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia

An Interactive Multimedia Course covering the Theory, Principles, and Practices of Practical Spagyria

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This course provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the foundational principles and practices of Spagyria. Our aim is to guide you through every facet of Spagyria at this coursework level, covering introductory theory, praxis, applications in alchemy and hermetics, astrological theory, and much more. You'll gain invaluable insights into this subject through step-by-step instructional videos and a rich array of educational resources. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own spagyrics, ensuring a truly immersive learning experience.

This Course Includes The Following:

  • 12 lessons with clear video lectures
  • Video demonstrations
  • Written tutorials
  • Supplementary PDFs with additional information
  • Materials lists
  • Quizzes
  • Student forum with Q&A access to Phoenix Aurelius
  • Certification of completion

Who Would Be Most Interested In This Course?

  • Those interested in creating their own spagyrics
  • Alchemy enthusiasts
  • Herbalists & Naturopaths
  • Alternative medicine practitioners
  • Astrology enthusiasts
  • Chemistry enthusiasts
  • Philosophy & Spirituality Seekers
  • Self-development enthusiasts
  • Historical & cultural researchers
  • Artists & creatives

What Will You Learn In This Course?

In this course, you will learn about Spagyria within its proper practical and historical context. You'll also delve into Principles of Lab Safety, Wildharvesting Ethics and Guidelines, Hermetic and Alchemical Applications of the Spagyric Process, Astrology, Incorporating Intentions, and the step-by-step methods for creating Spagyric Tinctures, Spagyric Elixirs, and Spagyric Essences using the Circumscindo technique. Scroll down to see complete lessons.

Course Requirements & Equipment

This course is a lifetime purchase, allowing participants to immerse themselves at their preferred level of comfort and experience. The course curriculum covers extensive theory and praxis, enabling learners to build a strong foundation before investing in laboratory equipment. Those ready to fully immerse themselves can begin investing in thier own lab equipment which we clearly list and explain in the course.

  • We highly recommend taking our free intro course to understand the fundamental tenets of Spagyria and Spagyric Medicine.

Your Instructor

Phoenix Aurelius
Phoenix Aurelius

Phoenix Aurelius has been a practitioner and instructor of the Alchemical Arts and Sciences since 2005. What causes him to stand out among many other practitioners and educators is that he is primarily self-educated and went about things just by following the Alchemical Axiom: Lege, Lege, Relege, Ora, et Labora. In English, this means "Read, Read, Reread, Pray, and Work." Phoenix is inspired greatly from early 21st Century Authors such as Bartlett, Cotnoir, Stavish, and others who wrote candidly in modern English. He started practicing using really humble kitchen equipment for more than 2 years. After devouring those works, he then went on to read the works of late 20th century authors such as Dubuis, Junius, and Albertus. After an unprecedented inheritance in 2010 of Alchemical and Hermetic writings and notes from students and staff from PRS, Phoenix took a considerable interest in the medical philosophies and actions of Paracelsus and has been reconstructing Spagyric Theory, Philosophy, Practice, and Pharmacopoeia for the 21st Century ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Before Ordering Please Read The Following Policy:

This course provides a Certificate of Completion upon achieving adequate grades in the graded quizzes. Passing grade for certificate of completion is 85% or higher on all quizzes in this course.

This course is best for Prescribing Physicians, Medical Professionals, Spagyric + Historical Researchers, or others who will be producing Spagyric Tinctures, Elixirs, and Essences per Circumscindo exclusively for themselves and their family/friends.

This level includes quizzes and a certificate of completion, but does not include Professional IDF Analysis of finished products. A Certificate of Completion does not indicate that you have actually made a sufficient quality Spagyric Product or that you know how to Make Spagyric Products discussed in this level of coursework, but rather denotes that you learned from Phoenix Aurelius and completed this level of coursework demonstrating sufficient THEORY of how to make the products of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia discussed in the Coursework.

This course does not certify you for production of any of the items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia either for business purposes or peer review.

By making your purchase you have agreed to these terms.

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